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"Who?" Ana asked.

"An ally," El replied with a smirk. She continued walking to the center of the island, "This way."

There's a pathway made of woods that they're using. Some wooden parts were missing and a lot of them were covered in dry leaves. El lighted a fire using small flint she brought. The trees were getting taller as they got deeper in the forest and the moonlight barely reached the surface.

"Are we there yet, El?"

"Almost," she said while cautiously looking at her surroundings. It's almost an hour passed. The air's gotten chiller and the forest grew more silence.

"There it is," she finally said.

In front of them was a door. A brown one with a silver ornaments on its borders. Not much different from any fancy house's doors, Ana thought. It was placed between identical small bowls. Most likely used for some kind of fireplace.

"So, is it some kind of magical door?" Ana asked. El spread her fire into the bowls. She faced the door and knocked it gently. "

Who is it that we're meeting again?"

"Kingdom's prisoner. He's the best scientist ever lived, I think," El answered lightly.

The door opened.

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