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"A host?" Ana walked away from the music box toward another chair beside the table.

"Yes, Ana. That day. Five areas across the kingdom were affected by a strange magic. Its nature or origins are still unknown to us. We call it the fallen stars because the massive plasma that were generated was beyond anything we know on Earth. And for each star, a host was chosen to be injected with a mysterious power," El stopped and observed Ana faces before continuing. "Ana, I know you tried to forcibly suppress this power within you. But we need you to do the opposite."

"There are others? Like us?" Ana said.

El didn't respond and looked at the man. "That's actually a reason why we came here, Sil. The other two were captured by Amora before we could reach them."

"I see," Sil said.

"Captured? What do the king want with them?" Ana asked, worrily.

Sil replied, "Amora is a scientist like myself, little girl. A great one, I must say, but dangerously full of himself. I believe he is searching for answers."

"Answers?" Ana replied.

"The root of magic," El said shortly.




Chapter 29