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We reached the cabin. It didn't change much from my memory of it. It had a small presence in the background of the woods. The roof used to be red bright, but most of the paint's been peeled off and it's hard to see in the dark. There is a wooden lazy chair beside the cabin. Mr. Aida probably used it to rest while looking at the water spring. We could still see the stone path that connected the cabin with one of the shallow areas of the spring.

Johan still looked unsure about this. Max was finishing up a bread that he brought. There were crumbs all over his shirt.

"Okay, looks like no one's here," I said, "Max if you please." I pointed out at the lock on the front door. He took a small thin metal from his pockets. It all shaped weirdly on its edge. He's struggling to see the lock because of the little moonlight shining that night. He seemed really calm about this.

On the other hand, Johan couldn't hide his anxiety.

"Hey," I said, "It's beautiful, right."

"What?" he replied.

"I said this place is beautiful."

"Oh yeah," he said, "I didn't realize that. It's really peaceful here. It must be nice living here."

We looked at Max who's still busy with his thing. He surely took his time. I couldn't imagine how it feels to be around people like Max all the time. Especially for Johan. I looked up at the moon and strangely remembered about my father. I shouldn't mess up here and made trouble for my mother.

Johan was going to say something when there's sudden clanking sound from the direction of the cabin.

"Oops, I dropped it," Max said. The lock was opened.

Chapter 12 - The Cabin Chapter 14 - Inside