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Johan and I approached the opened door where Max was.

"Okay, Johan you stay outside and watch if anyone's coming," Max said. He looked at me, asking me if I was ready. I nodded.

Max went inside first and I followed him.

It was hard to see anything. There are sticky spider webs at every corner of the furniture. Max was moving faster than me and already inspecting the book shelf on the other side of the room. I've never been inside this place before, but this is the only place that I could think of when the other night Max asked if Mr. Aida had a warehouse for his invention work. Max looked disappointed when I told him he worked in his home, but I told him about this cabin. That's why we're here now. I don't know why I told him that. I guess I just want see for myself that Mr. Aida is innocent.

"Armen, here," Max said. I put down an old pickaxe back to the corner of the room and moved toward Max. He showed me a book. It was really big and the cover was made of some expensive animal skin. There's nothing written in the cover, but a small word in the center of it: hollow.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Yeah, it's a folktale around here. I've read it before," I replied. "I don't find anything there. We should go back now."

Max didn't listen to me and kept his head down, reading the book. I called him again. He immediately put the book on the bookshelf and followed me outside.

I could see Johan's relieved face when he saw us. The sun was already rising when we finished locking the cabin. In the end, we didn't find anything. Not a single children book.

"Mr. Aida is still a suspect, if that's what you're thinking," blurted Max as if he's reading Johan's mind.

"I know you would still think that," Johan sighed, "Armen, what do you think?"

"I don't know. At least, we now know Mr. Aida doesn't have anything like an altar or something like that. Maybe he has another reason for having that book."

"The book," Max said, "Tell me about the book. Hollow. I want to know everything about it."

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