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Days goes by like nothing happened after that.

I haven't seen Johan or Max again. I've had my hands full with my chores at the farm. I started doing more work than usual because my mother's health has been worsening. She never told me, but she had a problem with her heart. She managed to keep working for some time, but sooner or later it would come back.

Mr. Aida came to the farm again one day. He helped me fixed the grinding machine that was broken. I felt bad about having to doubt him, but he looked just like he had always been. We still don't know what Mr. Aida needed a children book for, but I'm sure he had his reasons.

Maybe he found it somewhere, or someone made him keep it. Everyone has things that they don't want to talk about to others.

The village was getting more and more silent each day. Nobody's talking about Eve anymore. It's been 2 weeks since they stopped the search for good. Someone said that her family was the one that asked everyone to stop. I can understand that.

Johan visited me just yesterday. He wore a thick red sweater and long brown pants. He brought some candies that his father brought home from the capital. His parents told him whether his mother would be home next week. They said they would like to visit with some relatives to our home. 

Johan probably didn't know, but I'm sure the relatives his parents were talking about is a doctor. I didn't told him anything other than a simple yes, then.

"How's Max?" I asked when we finished eating some of the candies.

"Oh, he's fine. As usual," he said. "You know, actually, he went with my father in his trip to capital. He told our parents that he missed his hometown and wanted to visit there.  No one's suspicious or anything because he's always act nice in front of them, but he told me something beforehand."


"Remember about the book about the Hollow that he found in the cabin?" he said. I nodded, "He said that he needs more information about it. That all of the books kept in this village is not enough."

"And he could find them in the capital?"

"He thinks so," Johan replied.

"The Hollow," I said, "What did the story said again? 'Life is a reflection'?"

"Yeah, something like that. I don't understand any of it," he said, "Only Max seemed interested in it. At least, now he's not breaking into anyone's house."

"You tell me."

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