The Fall of Hyperion - Dan Simmons

In the end--when all else is dust--loyalty to those we love is all we can carry with us to the grave. Faith--true faith--was trusting in that love.

The Fall of Hyperion is a science-fiction novel written by Dan Simmons, first published in 1990. This is the second book of Hyperion Cantos series. The adventure of the last pilgrimage of Shrike continues after we spent the first book hearing the stories of the six pilgrims (one of the pilgrim was mysteriously disappeared). On the verge of the annihilation of the Hegemony as we know it by the barbarians Ousters, our protagonists are finally confronting the Shrike in Hyperion in an event that will decide the fate of billions of humans for thousands of years to come.

This series never ceases to amaze me. It takes the building blocks that have been neatly established in the first book and masterfully crafted an even more gorgeous and intricate construction of storytelling. The book seamlessly adds layer upon layer of worldbuilding within each of its plot beats without substracting at all the rich characterization of its players. New revelations and mysteries offered; new interesting characters' stories are injected without overlooking the old characters' journeys.

This second book also offers a more unified theme than the seemingly messy themes of the first book. The author managed to coalesce the diversity of each individual protagonist's story and piece them together as singularity of a theme about humanity and Godhood. It's truly a beautiful piece of philosophical yet entertaining work. A masterpiece of its own kind.

I wrongly thought that this series was a two-parter. Apparently, the series has two other books (Thank Lord). I fell in love with Hyperion and its amazing characters and I can't wait to follow their next adventures.

The Fall of Hyperion
Dan Simmons
First Published
March 1990