A House on the Moon

To be able to trick one’s perception of reality is a great feat. But to be able to trick your own is a much greater accomplishment, if you could call it that.

It started with a dream of a small house. Everything starts small in the beginning. Like a ripple on a pond’s surface. Flowing gently on the reflection of the virgin moon in the sky. It started with a promise of happiness and forgiveness. But as is the law of all things to not last forever, the ripple will spread, bounce, converge, diverge, until finally find a rest and stop. What remains after is a reflection. A reality. The one you hate so much. 

If only everything were always so blurry, you thought. Maybe you can see less of the disgust. Of the disappointment. The anger. Why is it so easy to read one’s heart, you ask? It is not an easy thing to do actually, but once you try to look up to the empty sky, you too would finally see it. Finally understand the agony and consequences of truth.

Maybe one day you would lie enough times to yourself that you would believe the lie yourself. Maybe one day you would learn to love the reflection and the tranquality of ignorance, and forget about the house. What house again, you ask? It’s nothing important. You can forget about it. Just keep doing what I told you and I’ll give you everything your heart desires. Yes, everything. You don’t even have to think about what you want to ask of me. I’ll tell you what to ask when the time comes.

Let the moonlight washes away all your sad thoughts. In this place, you’re not allowed to feel sadness anymore. Everyone is happy and alive here.



The girl, the oldest, wishes that the night would stay longer so she didn’t have to work in the morning. And so the sun never rises again.

The girl’s sister, the second oldest, wishes for a friend that will play with her whenever she wants and never leave her side. And so the shadows start whispering to her ears.

The girl’s other sister, the youngest, wishes for a bedtime story before sleep. And so she slumbers until tomorrow comes.

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