He who Fights Monsters

👒⚔ - A Silent Maiden

I couldn't sleep that night. My stomach hurt all day and wouldn't let me close my eyes peacefully. When I was laying on my tiny old bed was the time I heard something from outside of our walls. I thought that was just a wild animal at first. But then I heard the sound of our front door opening. Squeaking devillishly like a drunken jester's trumpet at the end of a long night festival. Suddenly my stomach felt a lot less important than what was going on outside of my bedroom at our front door. Did father woke and went outside? No, that can't be happening. He never wakes up at night. He's still in his room, I'm sure. The silence that followed that sound felt longer in my memory, but as I filled up my hurt stomach with some courage to check the door for myself, I heard another sound that changed my mind. Silent stomping of wet boots inside the living room. It was hardly audible, but that night somehow I could hear them as vivid as roaring thunders in a stormy night. There was a light rain yesterday and it always take our yard long before all the muds and puddles go away. That's when I finally realized what's happening. And what's going to happen next. I jumped from my bed as quietly as I could and walked toward the window across my bed. I could see shadows moving from below my bedroom's door as I was opening the window's metal handle. I tore down the bottom fabrics of my gown when I was trying to jump from the opened wooden frame. My bare feet felt cold as they touched the wet dark ground outside of my warm house. It took me just seconds to ran toward the forest behind our house, away from the terror that was happening inside of that place. I could hear nothing but the sounds of my own breaths and feet. Then a scream stopped my steps. I looked behind to the trees that's staring at me in that silent night, judging. I couldn't see my house from here but I knew exactly what had just happened there. I stood there for a minute or two. That was the end of it, I thought. My life. Him. Then I continued running again. Away from the place that I had grew up in since I was born. I should've stayed, I thought to myself again and again that night.


👒⚔ - He Who Fights Monsters

The forest slept more quietly than usual. Beasts and preys were both cowering in the darkest corners of their caves and nests hoping the sun would rise faster tonight. I felt the sheath on my waist, warm and alive on my scarred fingers. I closed my eyes from the world, bent my knee, and started my prayer. The Gods in Heavens Above hear all the prayers of those who bow before them. In the light, in the darknest, offer them nothing but humility and they will hear and answer you. I felt the weight in my chest lifted as I had finished the closing words of my prayers. I opened my eyes and stood at the brink of yet another bloodbath not as a warrior, but as a messenger of God. Then a piercing cry was heard from my north. My feet were suddenly trembling in fear as I tried to compose myself. The memory of that day flooded into my mind, but I shook my head to get rid of it immediately. No, I said aloud. I'm not who I was once. I can fight now. And I will fight. The trembling subsided and I could feel the courage coming back to me. I filled my lungs with frozen cold air one last time before rushing as fast as I could toward the origin of the voice.

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