The Servant

👒⚔ - A Body

I was too late. It had only been 5 minutes after the scream was heard but the house was empty except for the dead body of a man that was lying on a bed colored with his own blood. A broken candle that was probably accompanying the man's sleep prior to his death was knocked off a tiny table beside him. The moonlight shone down for enough time for me to see the terror that was left in the man's face. Two stabs around the chest. The last one closer to his heart was most likely the one that ended it. The first one only woke him up. His jaw showed bloody teeth below his messy moustache. A shiny object around his neck was hidden by his now red shirt. I closed the man's eyes and mouth and lifted the necklace to see it more clearly before putting it back to its resting place.

I looked around to see any clues. The house was a really small place with two rooms. There are a few books hiding behind a tiny shelf in the corner, a small table beside the man's bed, and a bigger one resting at one of the walls. There are two mud-covered tracks around the floor excluding my own. One goes straight from the front door to the man's location in the living room. The man screamed after the first stab and probably knocked the table when he tried to fight for his life. The second person waited outside impatiently before going in to a room at the opposite of the front door. The first person followed the second person to the room after he's done with his job. The tracks don't come back from inside.

I stepped inside the room closely. A small bed and a drawer. And an opened window at the left side of the room. Neither the bed nor the drawer was touched even a little by the murderers. They stood for some time while facing each other before deciding to open the window and left the house. Or was it already opened? I jumped outside from the same window and saw three different tracks on the ground.

The show is far from over. If Hugo was here, that was what he would probably would say. I thought after practicing with him for over 4 years, I would finally be able to fight on my own. But here I am now, wishing that he would told me what I should do now.

"There's a rhythm in everything, Allan. Practice your senses to listen to the melody and your body to dance around the notes," he said to me once. I controlled my rough breathing and sensed the coldness enveloping me. The quiet night. Two murderers chasing one escaped victim. There's only one choice here. There might still be a chance. The warmth feeling of excitement and fear steadily burning in my chest. I raced once again into the night, inside the woods.


💀 - The Servant

There's no way I could forget that day. To me, the rain that started then never  really stopped. My brother and I was in our house working on one of our clients' order. We were carpenters just like our father and his father, all the way to our great great grandparents. We moved our tools from our yard inside the house whenever it's raining. That day was one of those days. I remember it just like any other day. But then the door opened to a roaring thunder outside. The man standing on our doorstep was a big man with a strange coat and a thin walking stick. He was soaked from head to toes. There was a terrifying silence as the water trickled from his giant body into our wooden floor. At first what I saw only a silhoutte. After the thunder settled down, I could see his red bright eyes,  reflected by the room's lights, pointing at me. My brother  who was coming from the other room stepped up beside me and asked our visitor a question, "Can we help you, sir?" His red eyes moved toward my brother. He then opened his mouth into a terrible smile and utter a single sentence, almost like a whisper. One sentence, "Come forth, Pandemonium." That's when a figure emerged from the shadow in front of him. A figure that resembled a thin man with a luxurious suit but instead of contrasting white and black color that it usually has, it was all as black as the shadow that he came from. And from where his head should have rested, a skull from an animal I couldn't identify rose hauntingly. It looks like it was taken from a buck's head but I have never seen one with a pair of horn that twisted itself so violently that you would wonder how nature would've carved such a horrible sight into existence. What I remember next happened in an instant. The man whispered something I couldn't hear and my brother screaming to me to run. I saw the thing that the man called Pandemonium sticking something shiny from its dark suit to its hand and then disappeared in an instant. Something sprayed my face from where my brother was standing. I looked slowly toward that direction and realized an open wound stretching across my brother's stomach. His blood dripping from my cheeks, down to the floor. I sensed something touched my right shoulder. I froze in place. It's standing behind me now, I thought. The monster. Pandemonium. "Leave the kid," said the big man hoarsely after coughing a little bit. I looked at my brother, now on his knees. His face pale. He mouthed something to me but I couldn't make any of it. Before I could comprehend what was happening, the man had walked toward me. "You should've locked your door, boy," he said. "Not that it would matter though." He coughed a little more between each of his words. Then he lifted his walking stick, held it on both hands and pull it on the handle to reveal a long blade inside of it. I was going to die too, I thought. I looked at my brother again and couldn't see his face or figure out whether he's still alive or not. The man in front of me grabbed my hair and pulled my face toward his. His bloody eyes now only centimeters from my face. "That's it, boy. I want to take a look closely at your face. This part is important to me." My heart was thumping as fast as it could. Each second lasted longer than it should have been. That's when I realized something inside my pocket. The man moved his blade on his arm to my chest slowly. The edge pointed at my heart. Before he was finished with his plan, I swifly put my right hand inside my pocket and moved it toward the man's throat. The thing that I was holding pierced right in the middle of the man's neck. The man was shocked by what had just happened and dropped my hair and his blade from my chest and tried to pull the small carving knife that I just put on his neck. He stepped back in shock until he stumbled on the floor behind him. A wet thumping sound was heard as his giant body landed. Some hissing sound was heard from his throat like a gas leak in a factory pipe, but it died down eventually with the man himself. That's when I felt something was happening inside of me. Like a great pressure was directed toward my heart from all directions at once. After the sensation died down I remembered the thing that was still holding my shoulder behind me. I quickly fell forward to the floor and turned to see the black tall monster. The one that just killed my brother. Now that I could take a closer look at it, this thing doesn't have an eye. But from both of the skull's eyesockets shone a dim yellow light that resembled one. It regarded the man I just killed on the floor with his light-eyes and then moved to me. I thought it was going to kill me too, just like it did to my brother. But, then it bowed down on its knee and said a single sentence with the softest voice I've ever heard. "Pandemonium, at your service."

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