Quiet - Susan Cain

Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you're supposed to.

I've been waiting for quite some time to get my hand on this book. It took me 2 weeks to finish this thick book, but it's been quite a journey.

Now, almost everyone knows what introvert and extrovert are. Most of the time, we associate individuals by giving them one of these labels. Either someone is introvert or he/she is extrovert. I used to consider myself a huge introvert, (that's also a part of why I really want to read this book) but this book challenges that idea by giving us another point of views. Susan Cain, the author of this book who also considers herself as an introvert, takes us to her years of journey to discover as to why she feels different and what it really means for someone to be an introvert.

Quiet is a breath of fresh air for people like me who always prefer solitude over parties. People who need to stay away from people and the noisy world around them. For me personally, this book kind of validates me from things I've done in the past and still doing. I don't hate things like spending time with friends but I know that I have a time limit for those things. Quiet tells the stories of introvert people that I can relate to so much. And it is reassuring that there's ton of people like me that actually made it in their lives without completely deceiving their inner quieter personality.

This book is a great reading for everyone, not just for people who consider themselves introverts and I really recommend it.

Susan Cain
First Published
January 24, 2012