Dawnshard - Brandon Sanderson

"Omens weren’t real. But the way people reacted to them was very real."

Dawnshard is a novella set within The Stormlight Archive universe by Brandon Sanderson. It was first published in 2020 and takes place after the third book of the series, Oathbringer. The story revolves around Rysn Ftori's adventure. She was a Thaylen trademaster and a minor character in the main novels until now. In this book, Rysn is concerned with her pet larkin, Chiri-Chiri, who appears to have succumbed to an illness. Talik suggests that Chiri-Chiri needs to get back to Aimia, the larkin's homeland, for it to get better. Rysn then decides to accept a trade request by Queen Navani to investigate a ghost ship near Aimia while saving her larkin friend.

This book is very fun. I don't know how significant the events that takes place in this book are for the series. But regardless, it's quite refreshing to read other characters' adventure in Roshar, beside our main protagonists'. Rysn was a spoiled apprentice that lost her ability to walk because she wanted to prove herself as a trademaster. Throughout this book we see how her determination and her babsk's (master) teaching could make her a great trademaster and even help saving the cosmere from annihilation.

Overall, if you love this series, this book is a must-have. Nothing like a voyage to mysterious islands filled with fun crewmates and exotic creatures!

Brandon Sanderson
First Published
November 5, 2020