Journal #23

Hi, it's been weeks since the last time I write here. I am currently doing pretty well lately. Midterm is coming but I have less exams now.

Some habits never changed. I still couldn't wake up in the morning. The cold temperature makes me frozen in bed all the time. 

It's March now and with the beginning of the month, I also have momentum to start things over. I started reading books again. I missed 4 books already this year which is quite disappointing. I also just landed on a part-time job last month and starting a new project tomorrow. This year I already participated on 2 competitions. The first one was sucked, but the second one was great. Although we lost both of them lol.

Anyway, things seemed to be going pretty well now. I don't want to jynx myself. Lot of things to do. See you next time.

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