The Green Mile - Stephen King

Sometimes there is absolutely no difference at all between salvation and damnation.

The Green Mile is a novel by Stephen King first published in 1996. The book's story revolves around John Coffey, a giant man who's convicted of the violent deaths of two little girls. After trial, he was put into a prison facility called Mountain Cold Penitentiary until eventually he would walk the lime-colored corridor of Mountain Cold -- the "Green Mile" -- and sit in the electric chair to finally pay for his crime. Paul Edgecombe was one of the prison guards watching over John Coffey and several others inmates. His encounter with the weird big guy had turned into one life-changing experience for Paul as he slowly discovered the truth behind John Coffey and his crime.

This is, without a doubt, the best Stephen King's book I've read so far. The place was previously held by The Long Walk, a book with somewhat similar sensations as this one. And I think that's why I really love The Green Mile just like The Long Walk. Its slow-burning storytelling. The characters involved and their humane emotions and conflicts with other characters and with their own innerselves. The author's deliberate and excellent decision to leave particular things out of the story. And that heart-wrenching ending. It's all perfect. It's one supposedly supernatural experience that doesn't feel super at all. It felt very real and very relatable.

I don't have any bad things to say about this book, as I can't think of any. I recommend this book for anyone that wants to try this one of a kind experience. And I think that shoud be everyone!

The Green Mile
Stephen King
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