Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

“As she’d left, I’d glanced at her gun. This time, when she’d pointed it at me, she’d flicked the safety on. If that wasn’t true love, I don’t know what was.”

~ Spoilers for Steelheart ~

Firefight is the second book of fantasy/sci-fi series, The Reckoners, written by Brandon Sanderson, first published in 2015. After killing Steelheart, David Charleston and the Reckoners settled down in Newchago as its new protectors. But new troubles are coming their way as Regalia, the ruler of Babylon Restored -- formerly New York City -- sent a couple of dangerous Epics to Newchago in order to kill David and wreak havoc in the city. Megan, a former Reckoner turned Steelheart's spy and an Epic named Firefight is also now working under Regalia for an unknown reason. David, still believing in Megan, now heads toward the drowned city of Babylon Restored with a new team to figure out Regalia's true goal and also dig out the true nature behind Epics and their powers and weaknesses.

I really enjoy this book just like I do Steelheart. Fortunately, this book doesn't really fly too far from its predecessor. The setting is probably the main difference here, Babylon Restored is a very different location from the steel-covered Newchago with its own culture, politics, and types of people. A new set of Epics that the team needs to take down. Some mysteries from the first book are revealed, but new more interesting ones are introduced.

But the general formula is still pretty much the same. The Reckoners jump from mission to mission with a focus of taking down the main antagonist while slowly discovering the mysteries around the Epics. Light humor and some romance to fill in between the action scenes. Some moral and philosophical questions thrown around, adding some weights to the characters' decisions and conflicts. And a lot more stuff just like the first book: Betrayals. Twists. Cool powers and gadgets. Guns. Bad metaphors. A lot of bad metaphors! 

I can't wait to read the finale of the series mostly because I like the characters and I want to see how the last piece of the lore unfolded. I hope its' good!

Brandon Sanderson
First Published
January 6, 2015