Journal #4

Made a lot progress in my effort in making positive daily habits this week. Specifically in learning Japanese, reading a book, and drawing. I needed to juggle my schedule a little bit because my obligatory projects and college stuff had been very demanding. But it all turned out fine mostly.

I'm still struggling with my sleep schedule though. Damn you bed gravity.

Talking about reading books, I accidentally bought three books in Monday. I only planned to buy one book at first, but I just couldn't resist it then. They are 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, and 150cm Life by Naoko Takagi. I just finished 150cm Life and just made a review about it, even though I was supposed to make it tomorrow lol.

This week was not all good though. I had trouble accessing this website from my house's wifi in Wednesday due to some unknown network problem. And Hunter x Hunter had a hiatus again. Damn it Dungeons & Dragons.

Well, I hope I can step things up in the following weeks. I got a lot of plans for next week: Starting a 30-day drawing challenge and renovating this website (next Monday). Godspeed.

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