Realizing your own misfortunes is part of growing old. Look at those eyes in the mirror and reclaim the innocence.

It's easy to be pitiable as the cost of bravery is suffering. Yet time and time again people chose the hard way. Not to be strong, but pretend to be.

A light that guides you safely to home. A whisper that warms a lonely soul. It's okay, I understand. For you're sworn to before existed. To be protected. To be loved.


Just want to say hi after not posting anything for a while. Might need to wait a little bit more until I have the time again. It's hard trying to keep up with things these days.

Might need to set a deadline so that I will actually start doing this again. July maybe? Yeah, that sounds good.

See you later.

P.S. I just noticed that the first book I reviewed was See You in the Cosmos and the 100th one was Skyward. Now that's a fun coincidence.

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