The Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson

“You are inexperienced. So was I, once. So is every man. The measure of a person is not how much they have lived. . . It's in how they make us of what life has shown them.”

The Alloy of Law is the fourth book of the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, first published in 2011. The story continues years after the historical event of the last book. The world was saved, but evil persists in a new form, lurking in the shadows of Elendel, a growing industrial city thanks to the inventions of electricity and railways. Waxillium Ladrian was a lawman for years in the lawless place called the Roughs before coming back to Elendel to replace his deceased uncle as the head of his house. Wax, who wants to leave his lawman's life behind, was forced to pick up his gun once more as a mysterious thieves are haunting Elendel and kidnapping women, including his fiancee.

Okay, first of all, this book is a very drastic turn that the author took from the previous books. Similar to how different The Legend of Korra is to its predecessor show. I don't know whether I like this idea or not given how short this book feels to me. There are elements of it that piqued my interests especially the growing lore of the world and everything related to the original Mistborn's characters. Aside from those things, everything else was just okay.

The new characters and plotlines are not that bad. The characters are interesting and charming in their own ways. And the plotlines are quite exciting and unique to this world, but I couldn't help but compare them to the original protagonists and story, how the original series' characters had it more difficult than our new heroes. The stakes are arguably lower and conveniences happen more often than not.

After the amazing ending of the first trilogy, overall, this book feels very underwhelming. But, hopefully, it gets better from here.

The Alloy of Law
Brandon Sanderson
First Published
November 8, 2011