The Sixth Wicked Child - J. D. Barker

“Memories are fluid, like water. They can disappear into the smallest cracks in a wall, drip by drip, but they never completely vanish, they fester back there, grow mold, until they can no longer be contained, then they find an opening, they reach for the light.”

Credit for quote: Kat Loves Books

~Spoilers for The Fifth to Die ~

The Sixth Wicked Child is J. D. Barker's last book in the 4MK (Four Monkey Killer) series, first published in 2019. It's finally here! The long confrontation between the relentless Chicago Metro polices and the brutal  Anson Bishop, aka The Four Monkey Killer takes its final stage as things are escalating to an even more dangerous level. A deadly virus was spread inside a hospital full of patients. Even more dead bodies are found around the city with 4MK's signature style. Anson Bishop turning himself in to the police and claims that he is innocence the whole time. Sam Porter, who still belives that he is a good man and police officer, must battle the merciless psychopath, his own friends, and his own mind to prove that he is not what Bishop says he is, the real 4MK.

This book is exhilarating in a lot of ways. As the concluding story of the trilogy, this book takes a drastic turn to flip the role of our protagonist and antagonist. Anson Bishop, the troubled child who grew to be a cold-blooded murderer is now presented as a tragic child whose whole life was ruined by the corrupt and evil adults, including Sam Porter. Until the very end of the book, the author left us wondering who was the real villain in the series. Nothing is off the table as more and more evidence appear as to show that Sam Porter was hiding a dark past that even he himself forgets.

As a relatively new serial killer series, I expect this book to gain even more popularity in the future. There is just so much suspense and fun that this series offers. And the author did his due diligence to make sure that everything connects in the end. Of course, this book is not perfect as I think there are a few problems with pacing and with too many conveniences for the 4MK, but that's a small price to pay in comparison to this amazing story.

Thanks for the adventure, J. D. Barker! Can't wait to read more of your works in the future!

The Sixth Wicked Child
J. D. Barker
First Published
August 27, 2019