Shadows of Self - Brandon Sanderson

Cleaning the wound is often more painful than the cut itself.

Shadows of Self is the fifth main novel of the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, first published in 2015. The story continues for our heroes, Waxillium Ladrian, Wayne, and Marasi in protecting the peace of Elendel. A new threat appeared in the form of a mysterious person who had single-handedly murdered the governor's corrupt brother and a bunch of his crime partners. As Wax investigates the case, he was being visited multiple times by ghosts from his past, Bloody Tan and Wax's late wife, Lessie. Our heroes must race against time to discover the enigma's true motive and stop them before it unleashes destruction throughout Elendel.

I found that the more the story gets intertwined with the old Mistborn lore, the more I'm invested in the story. Not that our new heroes lack any interest by themselves. They're fascinating to say the least. And we get to see more background of our main characters, especially Wax and Wayne. Marasi also got a lot of time to shine, proving her to be a perfect complement for the other two characters with her vast knowledge and judgment ability. However, I still can't help but getting excited the moment some characters from the first trilogy finally showed up (I won't tell who it is, but it's pretty nice to see them again).

The story itself is quite interesting. There is some aspect of political and economical intricacies within industrial society that plays a big part to the plot. But there's also some mystical aspect that is more closely related to the first Mistborn trilogy. Seeing the author mixed the two together almost seamlessly is pretty amazing.

Unlike how grandiose The Well of Ascension ends, this book closes things up pretty quitely. There are still a lot of things unsolved, but there's not really any big cliffhanger. That said, I'm still excited to see the end of this second trilogy. Hope it's good!

Shadows of Self
Brandon Sanderson
First Published
October 6, 2015