Non-Stop - Brian Aldiss

Non-Stop is a science-fiction novel by Brian Aldiss, first published in 1958. Roy Complain is a hunter living in the Greene tribe. The world as he knows it is a bunch of corridors and decks overgrown by wild plants (ponics). Everyone, including Complain, live by "the teaching" that guides them to survive through everyday life. Until one day Marapper, an ambitious priest, asked Complain to come on a journey to find "the Captain" as he found an evidence that suggests the world as they know it is actually a spaceship.

Now, to be clear, the revelation that they're actually living inside a spaceship is not a big twist. It's not really a spoiler. It was revealed almost immediately and unceremoniously that I was actually kind of dissapointed at first. However, maybe it was a good strategy after all because the author got to reveal even more interesting twists throughout the story. One thing I don't like about the story is probably the ending. Maybe because I don't quite understand it, or maybe because it feels like the final problem was resolved quite abruptly. Other than that, the worldbuilding and the plots are very solid; very extraordinary but not impossible to happen in the far future.

Overall, it's a very fun book to read for a sci-fi fans. Amazingly well-aged and makes you wonder what would you have done if you were born in such a place.

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