Oathbringer Part 1 - Brandon Sanderson

“Inappropriate?” Pattern said. “Such as … dividing by zero?”

~ Spoilers for Words of Radiance Part 2 ~

Oathbringer Part 1 is the first part of the third book of The Stormlight Archive series. The story, set in the land of Roshar, continues for our heroes after the dramatic end of the last book. During the assault on the Shattered Plains, a new storm was born from the singing of Parshendi, one that awakens the Voidbringers inside parshmen all across Roshar. Shallan had managed to activate the Oathgate toward Urithiru, the lost city of the Radiants, saving the entire army from the clashing of storms. Shortly after, she was surprised to find her mentor, Jasnah, alive and well. Kaladin who had flied to his hometown to save his parents from the new storm, found that the Voidbringers were not as he imagined them to be. Meanwhile, Dalinar, now a Radiant himself after bonded the Stormfather, tried to contact all rulers across the land to unite against the new storm and the powerful evil force behind it.

This is, similar to the first part of Words of Radiance, is yet another prelude of something big. This time, the main focus of the story is Dalinar, I think. We finally get to see his past as the fearsome and troubled Blackthorn who had scorched destruction across Alethkar years ago. A lot of other characters also got their chances to tell their story. It was quite refreshing and added so much interesting emotions and complexity to the plots. I particularly like how Bridge Four crews got developed more in this book. Their humorous banters always complement the mostly serious tone of the book, but not without undermining their own struggles with their new lives as a Radiant under Kaladin.

I can't wait to see the end of this third book. There's so much characters and things that I'm invested and interested in learning more about. Hopefully it will turn out excellent!

Oathbringer Part 1
Brandon Sanderson
First Published
November 14, 2017