The Uninhabitable Earth - David Wallace-Wells

Climate change is fast, much faster than it seems we have the capacity to recognize and acknowledge; but it is also long, almost longer than we can truly imagine.

The Uninhabitable Earth is a non-fiction book by David Wallace-Wells, first published in 2019. In it, the author tells the depressing state of affair of our planet regarding climate change. He points out a lot aspects that could change drastically in the coming years if the earth's temperature keep rising. From flooded cities to potential civil wars, the author explains how humankind are in for a rude awakening, especially young people who would live to see the actual disasters happening.

This is a quite depressing book to read, especially knowing how helpless you are to change anything for the better. But maybe that's the right result that these kinds of book should strive for. No sugarcoating. I appreciate the author for including a lot of real data to backup his points, but the indexing could be improved. I don't know if it's just the edition that I read, but the indexing here is really confusing and not helpful at all. Just use normal indexing next time! :)

Another thing that I have an issue with is the translation. Some of the translations are weird ("Greenland" was translated to "Tanah Hijau"?). If you want to read this book, I recommend just read it in the original language. That said, it's still one interesting and important book to read for everybody living on Earth.

The Uninhabitable Earth
David Wallace-Wells
First Published
February 19, 2019