Journal #16

Wow, I can't believe it's been 16 weeks since the first time I'm doing this. It's been somewhat a fun ride. I haven't had time to write much for the last two weeks because college's been really busy lately. I honestly worry about not passing a class this time, lol. Well, whatever.

So, this is it. I can certainly say that this is the lowest point of my education life ever. And I'm not speaking it in a bad way. Though I would be lying if I say that this is not stressful. It IS stressful. And humiliating. I have too big of pride in myself to be able to take this easily. But while this is not the best experience I take a pleasure on, I feel like this is a journey that I must take sooner or later.

I know I screwed up big this time but life must go on. Starting over is always an option and this might be the only option now.