Journal #44

"What I don't know could fill a library." Emma Frost said that in the last Infinity Wars issue. I guessed it's someone else's quote but I couldn't find the source.

Also, Batman's last issue is fantastic. Tom King really plays the long game, I hope it'll pay off.

There's this Vox's video about a sculptor/writer that makes prosthetic for first WW soldiers. The video quoted her writing about "masters of yesterdays and tomorrows". It was really interesting, but I can't find it anywhere on the Internet.

Almost finished with Treasure Island. It's kinda disappointing, I don't know. Also just started Cuckoo's Calling. Really weird first chapters. Gorgeous cover, though.

A second Gramedia store just opened a few weeks ago. It was Rumah Buku before, but they are closed around May (if I remember correctly). I read somewhere that they said they were just renovating. I didn't know it would be replaced by Gramedia. Disappointing.

It's been more than a month since I started reworking this blog, along with my routines. I planned many things. Some worked, some didn't. Need to evaluate soon.

Death Stranding is still not done yet, apparently. Really want to watch someone playing it.

Just realized that Goblin Slayer's scroll as a Chekhov's Gun is somehow felt acceptable. It was clever and creative. Not the point-and-shoot type of gun. But I think they rushed the introduction and usage. If they take the time to establish the function of the scroll, it would probably be better.

Also realized that I could make more than 1 subdomain in this domain. Nice.