Lady of the Lake - Andrzej Sapkowski

Destiny isn't the judgements of providence, isn't scrolls written by the hand of a demiurge, isn't fatalism. Destiny is hope. Being full of hope, believing that what is meant to happen will happen.

Lady of the Lake is the final book of the main story of The Witcher series. The story follows the characters in their separate journeys: Ciri is teleported by the mysterious power of Tower of Swallows to an unknown place while Geralt and his allies find shelter in the glowing town of Toussaint after he believes that Yennefer had betrayed him and Ciri. Meanwhile, the final battle that will be written in history books for centuries to come is right around the corner. This book writes the epilogues of all the parties involved in this war. War costs highly, but so does peace.

I have good and bad opinions about this book. Good ones first. I highly appreciate the writer's efforts to diligently tie up all loose ends from the previous books. The writer waits until the very last pages of his story to finally reveal the last piece of all the narrative puzzles that had been thrown throughout the series. Some conclusions are really satisfying and have that signature storytelling that's unique to this series. The big twist about the final boss is quite unexpected as well. I personally like it very much.

Moving on to the bad opinions. I really don't like the final conflict that happens in this book. It's a very silly and uncharacteristic thing that comes from out of nowhere. I wouldn't mind so much if it doesn't involve the main characters and plot, but unfortunately, it does. I know that there's some clever irony that the writer tries to build here, but they're just ridiculously bad. I also hate some of the conclusion stories of some characters. I feel like some characters deserve better conclusions than others. But, that's just a personal preference.

And that's the end of The Witcher's main novels by Andrzej Sapkowski! What a journey, what a story.

Lady of the Lake
Andrzej Sapkowski
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