Journal #58

Earlier this month, I met with two of my high-school friends after years of not seeing each other. It's kind of awkward at first when I started a conversation in chat, but things went to normal by the time we met in person. Not everyone I know is doing well these days. So, I'm just really glad they're doing okay. A lot of things changed, but some things just seem to stay the same. I always wish them the very best luck in the future. Till we meet again sometime.

I'm reading It this month. Last October I complained about not being able to purchase the book anywhere. Well, now I have it. It's very long. 1300 pages. I've watched the first It movie and I can tell from the first 200 pages I've read that the book is far more interesting than the movie. The devils are in the details, as people always say. And, quite right, they're there within the tedious prints and looking scary as hell.

I've finished the first two Mistborn books. It's just a wonderful journey. The only reason I haven't read the last book is that I don't want the story to end just yet. I guess I'll read it after finishing It.

The new seasons of BNHA and Psycho-Pass started this fall. They're looking great so far. Though I already forget Psycho-Pass' whole story (I only remember the pony-tail guy's father's death and the antagonist that killed a guy while his coefficient decreasing to zero), the third season still looks interesting to me. The new protagonists especially.

There are also SAO and Nanatsu no Taizai. I stopped watching the latter after 1 episode because it just turned into another Fairy Tail. The last good thing I remember from the series was when Meliodas randomly threw a spear in the middle of a fight and it struck right inside Gildartz's room hundred of kilometers from his location. God, that was badass. Not even the final boss fights could top that.

I'm still watching SAO though. I have no idea why. I guess it's because the visual and music are always great. But the story hasn't been that good since season 1 episode 1. That episode was the perfect setup of a great story. But they decided to went to the harem route instead.

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