Mitosis - Brandon Sanderson

“Some of us fought back with guns and assassinations. Others fought back with a little hot dog stand on the corner.”

~ Spoilers for Steelheart ~

Mitosis is a short continuation of Brandon Sanderson's first book of the Reckoners series, Steelheart. A 40-ish-page of story that takes place after the end of that book. At the climax of Steelheart, David and the Reckoners finally managed to kill the unkillable, Steelheart. Newchago now must embrace the Reckoners as their new protectors now that its former ruler is gone. But it won't be easy as the people are still surrounded by their foundational fear of Epics. And with Steelheart gone, Epics all around the continent are setting their eyes on Newchago to try to fill the empty throne.

This book is just like a filler episode of the series. The story is okay, I guess. Nothing too complicated. It centers solely around one thing that the author wants to highlight, which is the transition after Steelheart was gone. And he did that without too many troubles. Although I don't know where the series goes for the second and third book, I think I'm sure that nothing really consequential happens in this book and it's probably safe to skip this book altogether. Despite that, it's still a fun read for those who want more of the series. Oh, by the way, the book also includes some illustrations of the Epics, which is really cool!

Brandon Sanderson
First Published
December 3, 2013