Martian Time-slip - Philip K. Dick

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Martian Time-slip is a sci-fi novel written by Philip K. Dick, first published in 1964. The story is set on a human civilization on Mars and centers around a schizophrenic boy named Manfred Steiner. After his father's unexpected death, Manfred who had been living at a special facility for his inability to blend with normal people was taken in by Arnie Kott, the leader of the Water Worker's Union and a rich and powerful person on Mars. Arnie is interested in the boy's condition after hearing that schizophrenic people are the key to predict and control the future. Together with Jack Bohlen, a repairman who'd also suffer from schizophrenia in the past, they tried to make a device that could bridge their world with Manfred's.

I don't really enjoy this book as much as I would like to. Although the core story is very solid and interesting, I feel like the story drags its feet too much. There's a lot of things that I couldn't care less about and evidently don't change the main story that much. It should have been a shorter story, is what I'm trying to say. Let's say, 100 pages or so, instead of 226.

On a lighter note, the idea of a schizophrenic person living in a different time-space than normal people is what I like the most about it. I feel like the author missed an opportunity to really dig deep into it. When I'm most absorbed by the book is when we get to see the world from Manfred's point of view. And that last moment at the ending was quite shocking and I would want to read more of that instead of some random people's businesses.

Overall, this is not my favorite book from the author. But never take my words for it, just go gubble gubble it yourself if you think the story is interesting!

Martian Time-slip
Philip K. Dick
First Published
April 1964