The Eyes of Darkness - Dean Koontz

Laughter is a balm for the afflicted, the best defense against despair, the only medicine for melancholy.

The Eyes of Darkness is a supernatural/thriller novel written by Dean Koontz, first published in 1981. It gained popularity in 2020 because it kind of prophesied the origin of the coronavirus, which is an amazing coincidence. The story itself was very straighforward, it's about Tina Evans, a rising Las Vegas show producer, who lost her boy, Danny, in a camping accident. A year after the accident, when she thought she had move on from that tragedy, strange things started happening around her that keep reminding her to the mysterious death of his child.

I don't have a lot of expectation reading this book because I actually bought this book mistaking it for another book. But it's actually a quite fun book. The story is very straighforward and it doesn't try too hard and ruin the experience. There's a lot of cliche to the story, also the practically nonexistent stakes and consequences. However, this book managed to maintain the excitement through the whole book through its actions and characters. Although I imagine that I would be enjoying this type of story better as a movie, instead of a book.

Beside the tie to the coronavirus, I don't think there's any special element that make this book stand out from numerous similar stories of this genre. It's pretty generic in my opinion. That said, it's still an entertaning read to pass the time.

The Eyes of Darkness
Dean Koontz
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