Journal #59

I just renewed the hosting of this site for another 2 years. It's quite costly, but hopefully worth the penny. I don't know what the future holds, but I haven't planned on stopping writing in this blog just yet. Quite the contrary, I'm planning to expand things a little bit.

I'm going to change the main domain into some kind of software development blog. A proper one. Things I'm learning right now, such as Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, React, etc. Even from the very beginning, I never know what to do with the main domain. I tried making it a portfolio once, but it was just a waste of space for someone like me. I completely abandoned it after a while, but now I'm going to give it a try once more.

I'm remaking this new blog from scratch with a seed project I'm currently using for work. The seed project itself (made of React) is really handy and it also has a lot of potential. All the foudantions are already there and I just need to add some new stuff to make is suitable for this new blog. It's still early in development and probably will be ready at the start of next year. I have a lot of features I want to implement. Ads, shares, comments, animations, styles, assets, etc. I want to make it feature-complete on release. But, I might get lazy at some point, so who knows. It might not turn out great, but it will be fun regardless.


I'm not a fan of this season's Psycho-Pass so far. The show chooses to focus on politics a lot in this season, and while politic is a big element of the world, I like it better when they focus more on the individuals instead of broadening the scope and sacrificing the relatability of the story. In contrast, - I don't believe what I'm going to say next - I'm actually enjoying the latest episodes of SAO. The show is at its peak when it focuses less on Kirito and more on its supporting characters. It's really curious how one random character that was introduced out of nowhere already has more character arc in one episode than Kirito does in the entire season. If only, SAO did this from the start. If only.


It's been more than a year since the last time I took a break. And I thought it would not harm to take one every once in a while. So, I decided December would be the perfect time to do that. Cold makes me not want to leave the bed every morning. I don't know whether I will keep doing the same thing or I'll do something different by the time we meet again next year. However, I believe things will always work out when it needs to.

Until later! 

🎉 🎉 🎉

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